Domini Pupae
0 Bill, our fearless leader, created the initial concept and storyline. He was responsible for all of the backend scripting on Omnifam, FOR, and Methusalabs. He also created Digital Escrow. Oh, and that creepy eye flash on the FOR site. He was the voice of the Operator and caused general mayhem.
0 Dee Cook, a.k.a. Addlepated, has been designated the official team cheerleader, although the thought of donning a miniskirt and pompoms makes her blood run cold. She was responsible for graphics work, the Rambaldi museum content, some side-quest items and ideas, various piddly things, and other content which never saw the light of day.
0 Marie, a.k.a. Gupfee, created Merritt Parker and wrote his blog and emails, as well as other assorted ephemera. She came up with many other story elements and plot lines that went nowhere. This is her third sojourn behind the curtain, and she notes that it does not get any easier. She also recommends not having emergency gall bladder surgery during an active game.
Kender was our Dutch connection. He starred as Cindy Smith and Henk Bakker and was our resident Puzzle Master. Yes, he's the one to blame for all those codes and for Arcanum-Ultor. He also created the omnibot and filled it with 500 photos of his house and garden. This was his first time behind the scenes and even though it's been a tough job, it was probably not his last.
0 Jackie Kerr worked on the initial concept and story development. She designed the Omnifam website and came up with the Methusalabs concept. She also provided much needed reality checks and moral support.
0 Haley Moore, a.k.a Toenolla, built the web sites for Methusalabs and FOR Hylie, wrote Sarah Fergusen's journal, created the Rambaldi history pages, and was responsible for many other silly and sundry ideas. She also created the swag coins and spiral messages that were found at ARGfest. This was her first time behind the curtain, but will certainly not be her last.
0 Michelle Senderhauf, a.k.a. varin, wrote the Hylie Atkins and h.meier emails, coordinated the Willowbrook Park meeting and created various graphics and amazing fake documents such as the fake ebay Rambaldi sketch. She also contributed miscellaneous plot and character ideas, most of which ended up on the cutting room floor.
0 Jim Senderhauf dressed up like a clown to pick up a newspaper in the park and played Merritt Parker on his phone message. He also played the role of supportive ARGwidow to Michelle by not complaining all the time about her working on that "online game thing".

Special Thanks To: Sin_Vraal, Rungekutta, Professor Evil, Tringa, bitwise, Lucian Whatsisname, Charlene, Ustice, krystyn, SD-1, ABC, the folks from Alias and everyone else who matters - you know who you are!